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Josh Milan's "Come Dance With Me" Gets the Full Digital and Vinyl Treatment - order your copy today!

"Come Dance With Me" is my attempt at combining the power of a ballad with danceable grooves. The song is about an admirer who goes unnoticed by his muse. Part 2 is all about what happens when he’s finally noticed. Grab your 7 inch vinyl and hear what the fuss is all about. - Josh Milan

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Josh Milan's "Shapes, Colors, and Magic" EP Gets the Full Digital and Vinyl Treatment - how sweet it is!

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In addition to the digital release of the "Shapes, Colors, and Magic" EP, we've also released the "Shapes and Colors Vol. 1" and "Shapes and Colors Vol. 2" collection on vinyl. The 2 volumes are available on 12" vinyl and include all of the songs on the digital EP as well as the bonus "Heart and Mind" - pick up your vinyl today!

VINYL (UK and rest of Europe):

Here's a short list of stores that are carrying our music in the UK and the rest of Europe.

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Josh Milan's 'Honeycomb Christmas' FREE album available now!


For me Christmas means so many things. I'm well aware that although we don't know the actual date that Jesus Christ was born, Dec. 25th is the chosen date to celebrate his birthday. I grew up in Brooklyn NY. And as a child, Christmas meant sweet potato pie, soul food, and the most important thing of all, TOYS! It had to be the most exciting day of the year for me. We lived in the projects and didn't have much. But I knew I was going to get at least one toy. And there was a Salvation Army kind of a place in the Brooklyn Navy Yard that gave gifts away to kids. And then there was Macy's on 34th St. The window displays were always super laid out. The puppets that moved, the scenery, the smell of pine, all of the big boxes, the colorful gift wrapping paper, and the people seemed to be happier around this time. It was the absolute best time. It seemed to snow every Christmas back then.
Snow ball fights was our thing. Christmas carols became my favorite type of music. The songs always brought me to that happy place. I remember watching "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" with my family and hearing the beautiful song "Christmas Time Is Here." The entire television special was filled with musical gems. The Vince Guaraldi Trio is the band responsible for that soundtrack. It remains in my top 5 favorite recordings of all time. It's the reason why "What Child is This" made it on this project. I strongly believe in the spirit of Christmas. And after the recent disaster we've witnessed in the east coast with Hurricane Sandy, I believe that healing is needed. It's our hope that this project will not only spread some Christmas cheer in your life, but will inspire you to spread that same spirit, and cheer in someone else's.
I don't know exactly when Jesus was born, but I'm so glad that he was.

Happy Birthday Jesus, and Merry Christmas to you all.


1. Josh Milan - Introduction: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Written by Charles Wesley
All instruments: Josh Milan

2. Lamone - My Favorite Things
Written by Richard Rodgers, and Oscar Hammerstein II
All instruments: Josh Milan
Vocal arrangements and background vocals: Dawn Tallman, and Lamone

3. Dawn Tallman - Carol Of The Bells
Written by Mykola Leontovych, and Peter J. Wilhousky
All instruments: Josh Milan
Background vocals: Dawn Tallman, and Josh Milan

4. Josh Milan - The Little Drummer Boy
Written by Harry Simeone, K.K. Davis, and Henry Onorati
All instruments and vocals: Josh Milan

5. Cinnamon Brown - We Three Kings
Written by John Henry Hopkins Jr.
Background vocals: Dawn Tallman
All instruments: Josh Milan

6. Maritri Garrett - What Child Is This
Written by William Chatterton Dix
All instruments: Josh Milan

7. Sheree Hicks - Santa Baby
Written by Joan Javits,
Philip Springer, Tony Springer
Vocal arrangement and all background vocals: Sheree Hicks
All instruments: Josh Milan

8. Sandra St. Victor - The Christmas Song
Written by Mel Tormé, and Bob Wells
All instruments: Josh Milan

9. Lamone - My Favorite Things (Instrumental)
Written by Richard Rodgers, and Oscar Hammerstein II
All instruments: Josh Milan

All songs arranged and produced by Josh Milan for Honeycomb Music.
Sheree Hicks vocals recorded at Music Garage Studios. Chicago, IL. by Chris Barnett
Maritri Garrett's vocals recorded at Marion Grace Studios. Brooklyn, NY by Maritri Garrett
Sandra St. Victor's vocals recorded at Strategic Soul Ventures Studios. Holland by Sandra St. Victor.
Recorded at Honeycomb Studios, East Stroudsburg, PA by Josh Milan.
Photo: Tinnetta Bell Photography

Executive Produced by Josh Milan and Adam Cruz.
Distributed by The Cruz Music Group, a Division of Mixtape Sessions Music, LLC


Thank you Jesus. My mother who's been with the Lord since 2006. But I still thank her for making sure Christmas was exciting as possible for her 3 children. My lovely wife Gloria, Adam and Sarah Cruz, Lamone, Maritri Garrett, Dawn Tallman, Cinnamon Brown, Sheree Hicks, Sandra St. Victor, Honeysweet, the Honeycomb Music Nation, Melba Searcy, Tinetta Bell, all of myTwitter and FaceBook friends, Roland Instruments and Elliot Eicheldinger from Yamaha Instruments(still waiting on your call), and write your name here____________________.

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