Monday, February 23, 2015

Geneva: Is it me or. . .

Feb. 19, 2015 4:57 PM

Is it me or are there loads of babies traveling these days? I can't remember the last time I had a trip that I wasn't seated next to a baby. A crying baby that doesn't know anything about getting beatings. LOL!!!

I'm annoyed. I'm kinda in a funky space anyway so this isn't helping.

6:30 AM

The flight was cool. I arrive early. The promoter arrives. He told me his car broke down. Immediately my spider senses start tingling. So we start walking to the train. THE TRAIN!!! I'm 300+ pounds, and I'm from the states where they keep all of the fat people. This man who is very slender begins walk/running to the train. I feel the sweat pouring underneath my shirt. He must have noticed my panting. So he says in this heavy French accent, "I will slu down for yew". I'm thinking its way late now bro. My shirt is wet!

Sigh..... Cest la vie.

8:00 AM

This hotel is dope! It's called Hotel N'vy. Purple, red, gold, really nice artwork, glass doors, lights, digital things and switches everywhere. Good pick. Two restaurants!!! Right up my alley!! My room is really nice. Ok. I can do this.

4:00 PM

This is the part that really matters. Sound Check. Vincent(the promoter) arrives but I notice, there's no car. No where!! And he starts walking!!! Maybe we're walking to the car. "The club is just errown ze cornear" the Vincent says as though he read my thoughts. He seems to walk a little slower, feeling sorry for me. LOL. Creep.

We arrive at club Silencio and they're already setup!! That almost never happens. They seem ready to go. There's a big poster of me at the entrance of the club. Now I'm feeling like Justin Beiber up in this piece. Everyone was waiting to see what I was going to do. And this is just a sound check. I started to check the keyboard and mic when I noticed the camera phones and flashes. Wow!! I'd better be really good. The sound in this place is amazing.

5:03 PM

That was a quick sound check. I'm headed back to the hotel. Feeling pleased. I jump in the cab. But wait. I forgot to use the bathroom. Man. I almost told them to let me back in the club because....lets just say I've been prairie dogging a biscuit for the last half hour. But it's now ready to come out. The hotel is right around "ze cornear". I should be able to make it. And that's when it happened. I felt a sneeze coming on. Oh God Please. Not now. I'm in Europe. 6'3 tall, 309 lb. black man in this little cab with the promoter. A sneeze right now would be utter disaster. Did I mention I've been eating chocolate and coffee earlier? This would be a pivotal moment in my career. God. If you can hear me. Please. Don't let this sneeze happen now. The closer we got to the hotel, the more I begin to feel as though God was busy and didn't have time for me. I didn't sneeze. But please let me out of this car now. We were just one small block away. And I'm ready to jump out of this car. When I got out, I had to go so bad, that I limped to my room. I limped!! I know that sounds gross. But you chose to read this blog!! Anyway. I made it. Whew!!

Feb. 20 1:00 AM

It's time. I get picked up. And driven to the club. The place is packed. Everything sounds good. The DJ's are local. But dope. I do the show and it went well. I was on. The songs were all accepted, crowd participation. Good night. Parenthetically speaking, people are the same all over the world. They all like gatherings with good music, food, and drinks. And there is something spiritual about the gathering of like minded people on one accord. It's really difficult to explain but I felt a togetherness with these people. It was beautiful.

1:36 PM

I met up with a few of my Geneva friends, Francois, Emilie and Grego. We go to this Peruvian restaurant. I thought of Mario Romay. My only Peruvian brother that I love so much. The food was great. We laughed and had great conversation. Afterwards, we go to the vinyl store. Now we're talking. I checked out some funk and disco jams.

9:27 PM

Emilie is a really cool person. She DJ's at the hotel where I'm staying. So I go down to listen while eating dinner. Why don't we do this at home? Or maybe we do and I'm just so super corny that I don't know about it. Lounges that serve great food and the DJ can play softly, but loud enough that we can dance if we want to. This is just awesome. I'm having a type of thinly sliced pork that's been aged for 36 months. That along with freshly baked bread and pumpkin mousse.

Wow!!! I'm going upstairs in a few. This hotel has a guitar collection that most guitar players I know can appreciate. For starters, they have one of Jimi Hendrix's guitars amongst many others. Wow.

I have to leave super early in the morning. There may be an issue with my flight because of the snow in the states.

Feb. 22 2:17 AM

Why am I up? They're playing the Montreux Jazz Concert on TV. Richard Galliano(accordion player), Bireli Lagrene(my favorite guitar player), and Didier Lockwood(violinist) are KILLING!!! I have got to play more guitar. I have 4. I will definitely start playing more.

3:30 AM

Random thought. Does it make me gay because I like the N'SYNC Christmas album? Don't judge me.

6:47 AM

I just bought a sandwich, a can of Pringles and a water for $21.

6:36 PM

Home safe and sound. I'm fighting going in the studio. I need to just chill. Pop some popcorn and eat Raisinets. Love you guys.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Josh Milan Live Performance 2/20 for 4 E'ME Anniversaire Du Silencio @Club de Nuit!

Josh Milan peform Live @ Silencio 4th Birthday Celebration, Friday, February 20th, 2015
Silencio|Club de Nuit
3, rue du Levant
1201 Geneve, Switzerland
Entree: $20

Ounlade's Birthday Celebration w/ Josh Milan and guest DJs on 3/6!

Osunlade's Birthday Celebration w/Josh Milan and guest DJs @Tangent Gallery!
715 Milwaukee Avenue, Detroit, MI
March 6th, 2015, 8pm-4am
Advance Tix: $15
Door: $20
Secured Parking adjacent to gallery: $5

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Honeycomb Music Celebrates with Black History Music produced by Josh Milan


I'll be the first to admit that in a lot of ways I'm old fashioned. I never thought I'd hear myself say things like "back in my day...", or "when I was coming up...", but the older I get, the more I hear myself say those things. While it's the shortest month in the year, Black History month, to me, is very important. The story of the Black American started with hardship beyond most of our comprehension. An African man taken from his home, family, and everything he knows. And after he was beaten into submission, he would be chained to the bottom of a wooden ship. His people would be packed very similar to the way companies pack sardines in a can. There were no bathroom breaks. A small portion of watery porridge was given to sustain them. You and I would probably not survive the long trip. Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and urination, were done while laying on top of each other during the trip. They weren't at all washed till they got to their destination. "The Land Of The Free, The Home Of The Brave!" His story is sad, full of murder, torture, and mental anguish. His women were raped and sometimes in front of him. His teeth, knocked out for sport. The slave traders managed to affect the minds of his people with violence and bone chilling fear.

So much so that they would eventually abandon their own culture to embrace the oppressors teachings. These people were once full of pride, culture, self awareness, spirituality, and most importantly, love. Many years after this tragic event happened, these people were given a very limited sense of freedom. And expected to be grateful for what was given to them. If anyone showed any anger, or resentment over the position they were in, they would be killed. To this day, 2015, I feel that Black Americans are targeted by law enforcement, and any sort of authority in America. And today, just like their ancestors before them, the Black American is beaten, wrongfully accused and punished, even killed by the same authorities that oppressed their forefathers.

I think it's amazing that, given the origin of the black people in America, they were able to contribute so much to the advancement of this country. At the same time I feel that pride is lacking amongst Black people in America. We've developed a culture that, in my opinion, does not reflect the spirit of self love and progress that our people once had. Here's where I get a little old fashioned.

I have friends that "lovingly" call each other "bitch." Sometimes they'll say "I'm not calling you a bitch, but I'm just saying". Our men call each other "Nigga" daily. I have family members that wear their pants sagging so low that one can see their underwear. Young girls fighting each other because someone texted "their nigga". Gang violence is still alive and well. Young black men killing each other over trivial, small issues, taking pride in doing longs terms in the prison system.

So this project is about two things:
One, we celebrate the contributions of the Black American. I think celebrating their contributions is something all American people can and should do. All people have benefitted from them.
And two, we celebrate Black people and all of their achievements while in America, while in slavery, and while being forced in an unimaginable living situation. It's my hope that pride can be instilled in the hearts of Black people everywhere and that you will enjoy this project and pass it to others.

Happy Black History Month,
Josh Milan

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Special Live Performance on 2/15 by Honeycomb Music recording artist Tracy Brathwaite @ 718 Sessions

Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St, NYC, February 15th at 6pm, Entrance $12 after 7pm w/Flyer/Membership, $20 Without.

This Sunday 2/8 groove at Meridien 23 with Josh Milan, DJ T-Wise, Kervyn Mark, David Shaw

Meridien 23, 161 W23rd Street, NY, NY, Sunday, February 8th, 2015, 6pm-2am, Tickets online now!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

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